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How Quality Decking Transforms Your Garden And Adds Value To Your Property - 12/08/2016

Decking, if installed correctly, can dramatically transform your garden, from an area that was maybe once plain, uninspiring and put quite simply, dull, into a place where you enjoy spending those summer evenings with your friends and family, enjoying a bite to eat and a glass of whatever may take your fancy.

Why Yearly Maintenance Is So Important For Your Garden Hedges - 20/06/2016

Hedges are things that you just get used to having in your garden, whether you have grown and nurtured them from day one or you moved in to find your property surrounded by some pretty impressive hedges - they are just “there”.

Why Trees Need Maintenance To Keep Them Healthy - 19/05/2016

Trees are beautiful additions to our gardens or land and they are also provide practical uses like growing fruit, providing wood or maintaining privacy for our property. Trees can also be protected by certain laws and aren't able to be removed from where they are. Trees are also hugely beneficial to us and the environment, absorbing air pollution, reducing greenhouse gases, moderating temperatures, reducing anxiety, providing homes for local wildlife and much much more.

Now The Sun Is Out, Let Evolution Trees Help To Sort Your Garden! - 21/04/2016

This week has made a remarkable difference to the world of business, and no, we are not talking about the school holidays, we are of course talking about the sight of the sun in the sky and the early warmth on our back, which not only means summer is potentially around the corner, but that now is the time to start focusing on your garden.

Why Using A Professional Fencing Company Is So Important - 14/03/2016

Putting up a new fence for your garden or property is no easy thing, and yet so many of us think we can drive down to our local timber yard, pick up what we need, chuck it up and then be back indoors in time for tea. At least... that‘s how we think it should happen.

Why Quality Fencing Is A Must For Your Property Or Business - 17/02/2016

Fencing is an important part of any property, whether you think about this from a security point of view or just a way of making your property look nice, high quality fencing plays a major role in both keeping our property secure and making it look presentable, with often a fence being one of the first things your visitor will see before even entering your property.

Why Using A Qualified Tree Surgeon Is A Must For Your Home Or Business - 19/01/2016

There are a few trade professions where you really hope the tradesperson turning up to complete your job is highly experienced and qualified, and when you think of plumbers and electricians, knowing that the work they do is going to be safe after they have left is fundamental for your family and your home, as one mistake could lead to potential disaster.

Is it time to revamp your tired old fencing? - 26/03/2015

So, winter is out the way and your fences and garden gates might have received a bit of a battering from wind, been pelted with rain and generally had a hard time of it! Perhaps they‘re looking a little shabby and need fixing?

Ivy 101 – on your house or trees, should you be concerned? - 28/02/2015

Today we‘re talking about ivy. This evergreen climbing plant is often found growing on garden walls, up trees and on people‘s houses. It has to be said that ivy does add a certain character and charm, as well as providing a habitat for nesting birds and insects. However, tree surgeons often get approached by worried homeowners who want to know if ivy is damaging their trees and walls.

Low Maintenance Tree Shrubs - 04/02/2015

It might still be January, but the gardening season will soon be upon us. One of the many things we often get asked is about the best plants and shrubs for the garden. People understandably want low maintenance varieties that are generally resilient, easy to grow and don‘t require much upkeep. So, we thought we‘d give you some pointers so you can start planning your garden in time for spring.

Severe Weather Hits The Area - 12/01/2015

This can be a busy time of the year for tree surgeons. Storms, high winds, ice and floods can all take their toll on trees. After a windy week in Gloucestershire and surrounding areas, the Met Office has published severe weather warnings for the coming week. Rain and high winds are the two treats we have in store and trees have already come down locally, but what happens if a tree on your land or in your garden becomes storm damaged or happens to fall?

Evolution Trees: Keep Your Trees Happy Over The Winter - 31/12/2014

We hope you enjoyed Christmas and we wish you a Happy New Year! Today‘s post is all about how extremes of winter weather can affect your trees. We don‘t always experience severe weather every winter, but it pays to be aware of how winter conditions can potentially damage trees. People often approach us at this time of year and they‘re concerned about how a prolonged cold snap might affect their trees.

Evolution Trees: Christmas Tree Care 101 - 13/12/2014

There’s nothing quite like warming your cockles by the fireside with a glass of mulled wine and a real Christmas tree. We’re lucky enough to have plenty of local suppliers who are ready to sell sustainably grown trees. Besides, real ones look much more festive.

The Best Time Of Year For Tree Works - 28/11/2014

So, you have a tree on your land that needs some work doing on it? Perhaps it’s a mature tree with deadwood and you’re concerned about how it will hold up this winter? Maybe your fruit trees are long overdue for a pruning, or you’d like to get your hedge back under control?

Which Type Of Wood Should I Burn? - 10/10/2014

The soaring price of gas and electric bills means that people are going back to basics and choosing wood as a fuel, in order to cut their heating bills. It‘s great to cosy up with a burner or open fire when it‘s cold and miserable outside, and Evolution Trees offers locally sourced wood, making it a sustainable and environmentally friendly heat supply. We‘ve seen a huge increase in the demand for firewood and we predict that this trend will continue as heating bills rise.

Evolution Trees: Professionally Installed Fencing - 05/09/2014

Fencing: nope, we are not talking about people fighting with swords. Today‘s post is about outdoor fencing, which should be just one of the offerings of any good tree surgeon.

Evolution Trees: Advice on trimming during nesting season - 07/07/2014

Spare a thought for your neighbours if you‘re planning to get your hedges trimmed - and we don‘t just mean the ones who live next door. It‘s also important to remember our feathered friends who may have set up home next to us during the spring and summer.

Evolution Trees: More Than Just Chainsaws - 11/06/2014

Tree surgery involves more than just hiring a man with a chainsaw. It‘s a highly skilled occupation that involves areas such as arboriculture (management, cultivation and maintenance of shrubs and bushes), specialist climbing and extensive qualifications. Nevertheless, operating chainsaws is still part of it!

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